Download this Follow-Up New Patient Flow Chart Here....

Here is your Follow-Up Flow Chart to use as an example when mapping out your own incoming leads follow up protocol.

Includes as many communication channels as possible and keep it simple.

The goal is to turn these simple steps into a protocol that add up to effectively turning a "suspect" into a "prospect who says YES"

  • And discover how EASY following up on incoming leads
  • can be for you and your staff......

✔ Increase lead conversion by 15-22%

✔Eliminate 80% of your staff’s BUSY work

✔Track all leads so they don’t fall through the cracks

✔Ready-Made Scripts turn to your staff into professionals

✔Conversion Coach holds your staff accountable

✔Weekly Progress Reports to track your ROI

What Fix Your Follow Up

Can Do For You?

Increase Conversions:

Incoming leads are entered into this super easy-to-use platform to immediately start the process of:

-Credentialing you as the BEST CHOICE

-Nurturing the prospecting patient

-Advancing prospective patients to a


 Save Time

   Fix Your Follow Up allows you to automate the tedious parts of tracking, writing emails and SMS messages and following incoming leads to save you 5 hours per lead.

- Ready-made emails and text messages done-for-you

- Proven Phone Scripts done-for-you

- All leads are tracked so they can’t fall through the cracks

Make Money

You convert more incoming surgery leads when your follow up is strategic, professional, and persistent and that means more revenues.

-Win over your competitors who don’t follow up

-Convert 15-22% more than you do now

-Give yourself a raise without adding more staff

 Better Control Over Your Practice

   Weekly Progress Reports act as your dashboard so you know at a Glance how well Fix Your Follow Up and your staff are doing converting incoming leads

- No guessing if what you're doing is working

- Know for a fact what your ROI is

- Peace of mind knowing incoming leads are being handled

Professionally-Trained Staff

Fix Your Follow Up assigns a Conversion Coach to you to work with your staff to convert more incoming leads professionally.

-Regular coaching sessions with staff

-Holds staff acountable

-Staff is more confident and excited to make converting "warm" calls

Yes, Your Results are Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

This makes Fix Your Follow Up a no-brainer because if you don’t at least DOUBLE your investment within 60 days, you get a full refund….Period!

Increase lead conversion by 15-22%

Eliminate 80% of your staff’s BUSY work

Track all leads so they don’t fall through the cracks

Ready-Made Scripts turn your staff into professionals

Conversion Coach holds your staff accountable

Weekly Progress Reports to track your ROI